Using This Clash of Clans Hack Tool 2015 Share

Hey friend, Carolin here!!!
Hey friends, Carolin here!!!

Hey friends! Like I promised, here is this new Clash of Clans hack tool that changed how me and my brother play Clash of Clans! You still have to to build your own community, build your defenses and train your troops, but it gives you all the resources in the world to do so!

Ok, this is me again, sharing something like I do every year. It´s like becoming a little tradition it seems. This year´s gift from me to you is like you already know – Clash of Clans hack tool that generates free gems, gold and elixir. I have used it myself I don´t know how many times and it has worked for me without any problems. It´s a great little weapon in my arsenal and if you don´t mind a little cheating in the game, I suggest you try this, it really makes things so much easier in CoC. If you have high morals or just want to play the game like others do, be my guest – I´m not the one to judge you. Just to let you know though, if you use this, you will become the best and your troops will become the strongest.

clash of clans hack tool

There is this closed community, a forum that I visit from time to time that offers some great tools you don´t see elsewhere. Well, most of the time anyways. The hackers group that created this awesome little resource generator have an official thread there, but sorry, I can´t give you the name of this forum. Even if you do get the address, you have to get an invitation to join it and I don´t have permission to invite anyone yet. I can give you some features this Clash of Clans hack tool has though. This is taken from their forum thread, right under Supercell exploits. Yes, there is a separate section for this.

Features of this new hack for Clash of Clans:

  • It supports both iOS and Android platform
  • It´s safe to use and anonymous to Supercell system
  • Tested by thousands of users already, no complaints
  • SSL secured encrypted connection, Anti Ban protection layer
  • Updated daily or at least weekly
  • You can use it once in 24 hour period per one IP address
  • Can generate gems, gold and elixir, amounts vary depending on the current version of the hack

clash of clans hack screenshot

This Clash of Clans hack tool has been around for a little over 8 months or so and I have been using it for 3-4 months – don´t remember exactly. As maybe some of you have already seen, at some point I started to receive a large amount of gems to my Clash of Clans account. Now you know, this is the tool that I used for this. It´s very simple to use and doesn´t require any technical knowledge from you whatsoever. It helps you generate gems, gold and elixir and because of this lets you develop in a quicker pace. You should know if you saw me becoming 10 times better than you! Hehe, just kidding, but seriously, this isn´t some fake tool you see floating around that just pormises you the world but actually does nothing. This is recommended by me personally to you, with a little help of Facebook sharing of course. Please don´t leak it, will repeat it one more time. Ah, also a little guide how to use it. Don´t know whether you need it since it is very simple.

How to use this new Clash of Clans hack tool:

  • Go to this online Clash of Clans resource generator through the button link in this post
  • Enter your username in the input field
  • Choose how many gems, gold and elixir you want
  • Hit “generate” button
  • Wait till this tool finishes, you should get a message saying it has finished the process
  • The hacking process should take around a minute or so
  • After, visit your Clash of Clans account, you may have to log off and back in again to see the effect


There you have it, a working Clash of Clans hack tool that is not in beta testing mode so you don´t have to worry about your Clash of Clans account. Enjoy the game!


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